• Supply of All Kind of Fresh / Dry Provisions, Bonded Store, Deck Store, Engine Store, Cabin Store, Galley items, Electrical Store, Medicine Stores.
  • Supplier of Fresh Water, Bunker (MGO/HSD & FO) by Tanker Lorry & Barge.
  • Supplier Of All Kind Of Spare Parts For Main Engine, Auxiliary Engine, Turbocharger, Motors, Hydraulic Items, Gyro Compass, Radar, Etc.
  • Trained Work shop for ships deck side /engine side & all type of fabrication work.
  • Refilling of Ship Bottles i.e. Oxygen, Acetylene, Freon R (22-12), Co2, Fire Extinguishers, Breathing Apparatus Etc.
  • Annual Servicing Of Life Rafts, EEBD, Co2, Fire Extinguishers, Breathing Apparatus, Etc.
  • Supplier Of All Kind Of Packing Materials Like Dunn Age Wood, Craft Papers, Plastic Sheet, Tarpaulin, Hatch Cover, Brown Tape Etc.
  • Ship underwater inspection & cleaning services.
  • Ship to ship transfer operations.
  • Ship spare handling, storage & delivery.
  • Tank cleaning, Engine Cleaning, Chipping & Painting etc.
  • For official boarding & supply purpose we offer TUGS at very competitive price.
  • Complete Marine Services.


  • Sign On / Sign Off (Complete Custom / Port / Immigration Procedures).
  • Cash To Master (CTM).
  • Clearing Spare Parts Thru T.P. (Transit Permit) By Airway / Sea Route.
  • Doctor Party arrangement for Sick CREWS.
  • All requirements will be fulfilled.